Your Personalized, Dietitian compliant, Shopping Solution
Saving you time & money
$10 a month per resident
How it works
Confirm Your Menu
A legally compliant, dietitian approved
menu will be emailed to you weekly.
You can make any edits to the menu that are dietitian compliant.
Finalize Your Shopping List
The shopping list will include your menu items,
along with standard supplies (toilet paper, depends, etc).
You can add any groceries or supplies unique to your facility
(favorite ice cream, coffee, preferred brands for items, etc).
Personalize Your Shopping Solution
Prior to the first grocery and supply order, you let us know your budget and if you have a preferred location to shop through. With your shopping receipts we are able to track what you have in inventory to avoid purchasing duplicate items.
Receive Your Order
We will shop your chosen items at your preferred store.
More features
Save Time & Money
Inventory tracking saves money on duplicate item purchases and wasted food. Menu specific ordering saves money by avoiding employees ordering unnecessary items. Email communications are simple and quick, allowing your employees to focus on their other duties.
Repeat Weekly
This process is repeated weekly. Reminder emails will be sent each week to ensure you remain compliant and in stock with all necessary food and supplies.
Legally Compliant: Our Menus are used by thousands of facilities and are legally compliant, dietitian approved.
Money Savings: Our expert shoppers will find you the best prices and have everything delivered to your doorstep or set up for pickup at your convenience.
Inventory management: You save money from unnecessary items being ordered as we know what you already have in stock.
Employee Turnover & Workload: With simple email communications, employees need minimal to no training to order groceries and confirming the shopping list should only take a few minutes of their time.
Savings: Overall our goal is to save you a decent amount of money while simplifying your procurement